Elgin Lanes Dominates X-Town Classic, Wins First Title

Elgin Lanes continued to set new team records on its way to winning its first Mayor’s Cup in this year’s Elgin Cross-Town Classic over Bowlway Lanes. Throughout the tournament, Elgin dominated the scoring, never losing until the last game, when the title was already secured. It was an impressive display of teamwork, excellent spare shooting, and high scoring.

Already leading 7-0 in points and by 213 in pins after the first week of competition, Elgin took a commanding lead into Bowlway. All the squad needed to do was win the first game to claim the title.
Both teams started out the first match a bit tight, but as the game moved on, Elgin built a solid lead and never relinquished it after Bowlway made some costly mistakes with some untimely splits and missed spares. Elgin posted a strong 1040 team score, led by Jason Svhela’s 235, Drew Perly’s 233, Keith Davis’ 226, and Rusty Zwart’s 203. Bowlway finished with a respectable 1007, led by Wayne Curley’s 220, Mark Toppel’s 214, and Dan Martin’s 203.

During the second game, the lanes opened up, and stringing strikes became much easier. Elgin posted a huge 1114-1088 victory, a new team high scoring record, and the squad’s sixth win in a row going back from last year (another record), which beat the previous record posted by Bowlway in 2013. Elgin was led by Drew Perly’s 243, Keith Davis’ 238 and Rusty Zwart’s 236. Bowlway’s top scorers were Sean Hargadon’s 247, Mark Toppel’s 245, and Dan Martin’s 225.
In the final game, Bowlway closed a decisive victory 1099-977, but it was too little too late. Wayne Curley led Bowlway with a 257 game, followed by Dan Martin’s 232 and Mark Toppel’s 216. Elgin leading scorers were Drew Perly’s 234 and Jason Svehla’s 210.

For Elgin Lanes, after suffering three years of losing, this decisive victory over Bowlway was memorable. “This was a long time coming,” said Elgin Lanes General Manager Lex Perly. “We put together an excellent team that played well together and made the right adjustments at the right time. This is a great tournament, where your skills are really put to the test. You have to know how to bowl on these woods lanes,” added Perly.
On the Bowlway side, the mood was somber, but with so many pins left out on the lanes, there was no way to overtake a new and improved Elgin team. “You have to take your hat off to them,” said Bowlway Co-Owner Norm Grocke. “They were a great squad of players that never let up on us and they made us pay for our own mistakes.”

Elgin Mayor Dave Kaptain was once again on hand to present the Mayor’s Cup. This was the first time he presented Elgin with the trophy, and he welcomed the opportunity, praising the group’s hard work. “There is nothing wrong with competition,” he said. “It makes us all better, just like this tournament, which keeps growing and growing.”

Team Elgin: led by Drew Perly (710), Jason Svehla (655), Rusty Zwart (619), Keith Davis (615), and Dan Svehla (532). The team finished with 3,131 total pins for a team average of 208.7. 

Team Bowlway: led by Mark Toppel (675), Dan Martin (660), Wayne Curley (656), Sean Hargadon (631), and Chris Geimer (572). The team finished with 3,194 total pins for a team average of 212.9.


Team Elgin        1040   1114     977       = 3,131 (Week 1: 3,034. Total pins: 6,165.)
Team Bowlway   1007   1088     1099     = 3,194 (Week 1: 2,821. Total pins: 6,015.)

Team Elgin led 7-0 points after the first week of competition.
Game one: Team Elgin leads Team Bowlway 9-0 in points.
Game two: Team Elgin leads Team Bowlway 11-0.
Game three: Team Elgin leads Team Bowlway 11-2.
Series totals: Team Elgin defeats Team Bowlway 11-3.

Team Elgin led in total pins by 150.

Elgin Lanes Takes Commanding Lead in X-Town Classic

It was a record-setting day to start the fourth-annual Elgin Cross-Town Classic. Elgin Lanes took a commanding lead on its home lanes by winning every match against Bowlway Lanes. This put the Elgin squad out front 7-0 in points with a 203 pin lead – the largest three-game total ever produced in the tournament’s history.

Elgin Lanes started the first game strong, posting a solid 1064 team score, led by Drew Perly with a 230, Keith Davis with a 221, and Jason Svehla with a 208. Bowlway responded with a 990 team effort, led by Wayne Curley’s 222 and Mark Toppel’s 217.

Elgin Lanes X-Town Team 2016
The second game was much closer as the lanes began to transition. Elgin Lanes hung on to grind out a 994-990 victory over Bowlway Lanes, where critical missed spares and poor pin count resulted in the loss. Elgin Lanes was led Jason Svehla’s 278 game (the largest in tournament history) and Drew Perly’s 216 game. Bowlway’s top scorers were Mark Toppel with a 237 and Eddie Czlapinski with a 231.

The final game saw Elgin Lanes pull away and build on its lead with a 976-841 victory over Bowlway. Jason Svehla led the Elgin squad with a 227 game and finished with a team high and record-setting 713 series. Bowlway Lanes was led by Dan Martin with a 205 game.
Overall, the lanes played much straighter, where high percentage shots were rewarded and swinging the ball from the inside caused many problems with pin carry and splits. According to Jason Svehla, who led all scorers, it was a matter of adjusting to the lane conditions and not trying to do too much. “I just tried to take what the lanes were giving me and it really worked out well today,” he said.

Going into Bowlway Lanes this Saturday, the home team will have its work to do, and will try to erase that 7 point deficit and close the overall pin gap. There is no room for error. One loss and this year’s title will go to Elgin Lanes. Being in this position is something new for Team Bowlway. “We have to come out real strong if we hope to have a chance against them,” said Mark Toppel, who led the Bowlway squad in scoring. “I’m excited that we will be bowling at home because we can fill that place up, make some noise, and get the crowd supporting us.”

Team Elgin        1064   994       976       = 3,034
Team Bowlway    990    990       841      = 2,821

Team Elgin:  led by Jason Svehla with a 713 series, Drew Perly (625), Keith Davis (581), Rusty Zwart (566) and Dan Svehla (549). The team finished with 3,034 total pins for a team average of 202. 

Team Bowlway: led by Mark Toppel with a 632 series, Dan Martin (585), Eddie Czlapinski (558), Wayne Curley (547), and Chris Geimer (499). The team finished with 2,831 total pins for a team average of 188.7.

Game one: Team Elgin leads Team Bowlway 2-0 in points.
Game two: Team Elgin leads Team Bowlway 4-0.
Game three: Team Elgin leads Team Bowlway 6-0.
Series totals: Team Elgin leads Team Bowlway 7-0.

Team Elgin leads in total pins by 213.
The Elgin Cross-Town Classic IV continues this week at Bowlway Lanes on Saturday, March 26, starting at 12 noon. The team that wins the most match-game points over the two week’s competition will be declared Elgin’s Match Game Champions and will personally receive the Mayor’s Cup from Elgin Mayor Dave Kaptain. 

Elgin Cross-Town Classic Begins Its Fourth Year

The Elgin Cross-Town Classic continues this year when top players from Bowlway Lanes face off against the best shooters from Elgin Lanes. Bowlway hopes to take home its fourth consecutive Mayor’s Cup. The event is free and open to the public.

The Bowlway Lanes Team for 2016
The first three matches will be held on Saturday, March 19 at Elgin Lanes, 401 Shepard Drive, starting at 12 noon. The following week on Saturday, March 26, Bowlway Lanes at 810 Villa Street will host the next three matches, starting at 12 noon. The team that wins the most match game points will be this year's Match-Game Champion.

The annual tournament began in 2013 and consists of a series of challenges matches. Last year Bowlway Lanes completed a three-peat by defeating Elgin Lanes by just a few pins. Elgin has yet to claim the Mayor’s Cup, but this year they plan on strengthening their team with some new talent.

Event Coordinator Sean Hargadon expects Elgin Lanes to come out fighting again this year. "Last year, Elgin got out to an early lead in the tournament and it looked like they were finally going to win it all,” he said. “But Bowlway came back and just barely took the title. Elgin is led by their young player Drew Perly, who just keeps getting better every year, setting scoring records, and practically shooting well wherever he is. They also added a formidable player in Dan Svehla last year, so you never know what might happen.”

Bowlway Lanes returns this year with Wayne Curley (212 average), Dan Martin (214) and Mark Toppell (209) along with newcomers Eddie Czlapinski (215) and Chris Geimer (210). Elgin Lanes returns with Drew Perly (219) and Dan Svehla (200), along with newcomers Keith Davis (208), Jason Svehla (220) and Rusty Zwart (204).

The Elgin Cross-Town Classic features five players per team, selected from each bowling center. The format is simple: Bowlway and Elgin Lanes will match their best bowlers against each other for three matches (games) at each bowling center.  Whatever team has the most match points after two weekends is declared the winner. Total pins can break a tie in points. Each team can win two points for each game won plus one point for series. There will be a possible 7 points that can be won each week and 14 points total.

The Elgin Cross-Town Classic IV will be held on Saturday, March 19 at Elgin Lanes, 401 Shepard Drive, starting at 12 noon. The following week on Saturday, March 26, Bowlway Lanes at 810 Villa Street will host the next three matches, starting at 12 noon. The event is free and open to the public. It’s sponsored by Bowlway Lanes, Elgin Lanes, Elgin Today, and madwill creative.