Hargadon Wins First X-Town Singles Classic, Curley Fires 300 Game

Some hot shooing helped Sean Hargadon win the first X-Town Singles Classic this past Saturday. The invitational tournament is an off-shoot of the Elgin Cross-Town Classic, a team tournament featuring the best bowlers from Bowlway and Elgin Lanes. The singles version invited bowlers from the past three years to participate in match-play competition against each other.

After qualifying in the middle of the pack, Hargadon won four straight matches to win the tournament by beating John Golden 245-202, Mark Toppel 238-223, and Wayne Curley 269-238, before edging out a win in the championship match against Mark Bobb 194-168.

Scores were fairly high all day. This was emphasized during the first round of match play when Wayne Curley beat Dan Martin 300-224. “I called it,” said Martin. “I joked that Wayne would come out and shoot 300 against me and he did.”

The format for the tournament included two games of qualifying, leading to seed positions, and a double-elimination bracket format. Then bowlers were seeded from the 1st to 8th positions. The next round included double match-game elimination. Bowlers winning matches advanced to the next round.  Losers went to the losers bracket. 

Mark Bobb put together an excellent run of winning three straight matches to make the final round before conceding the championship. “I bowled pretty well,” said Bobb. “But I just ran out of gas after bowling eight games.”

The field of players averaged 213 in qualifying and 215 in match-play.

The initial success of the X-Town Singles Classic means the tournament will be back next year. So as the Elgin Cross-Town Classic grows, so will the potential field of bowlers. “Hopefully, we’ll be able to add a doubles component along with the singles,” said Hargadon.

The tournament was sponsored by Toppel Plumbing,  Bowlway Lanes, bowlelgin.com and madwill creative. The final standings are below:

Pos. Name W-L Pins Avg. Prize

1st        Sean Hargadon            4-0       1384/6 230.6   $240
2nd        Mark Bobb                  4-2       1627/8 203.3   $100
3rd        Wayne Curley              2-2       1360/6 226.6   $30
4th        Mark Toppel                2-2       1351/6 225.1   $30
5th        Dan Martin                  1-2       1130/5 226.0   $40
6th        Daryl Rucki                 1-2       895/5 179.0
7th        Drew Perly                   0-2       852/4 213.0
8th        John Golden                0-2       818/4 204.5

Bowlway Upsets Elgin to Win Third Mayor's Cup

The second week of the Elgin Cross-Town Classic was like watching a tennis match as the lead kept going back and forth between Elgin and Bowlway. Elgin Lanes was looking claim its first title. Leading 5-2 in points after week one, Elgin needed to win two games to shutout Bowlway.

In front of a large crowd, both teams started the first game strong with multiple players throwing a series of strikes, but a series of splits late in the game helped by Bowlway edge out Elgin by 4 pins. John Golden led Bowlway with 235 and Sean Hargadon added 221. Drew Perly shot 253 for Elgin and Dan Svehla added 225.

Bowlway kept applying pressure by stringing strikes during the second game. Elgin was the victim of some bad pin carry, specifically Dan Svehla who threw his second pocket 7-10 split – he had one during the first game. Elgin’s poor pin carry gave Bowlway all the room it needed to seal a victory by 87 pins – the largest win of any game in the series. Dan Martin led Bowlway with 258 and Hargadon added 223. Drew Perly shot 245 for Elgin.

The pace picked up in the in the final match. Elgin not only needed to beat Bowlway, but needed to win by 90 pins to break the tie-breaker in total series. Elgin opened the game with a flurry of strikes and posted its best team game all day. Bowlway kept the game close with a strong performance in the later frames by Wayne Curley 242 and Dan Martin 223. Elgin won by 38 pins, backed by Daryl Rucki’s 246.

After all the matches for the two weeks of bowling, both teams were tied 7-7 in points. This meant total pins would decide the winner. After tallying all the pins knocked down by the two teams, Bowlway came away with the victory by a mere 51 pins.

Elgin Mayor Dave Kaptain presented the Mayor’s Cup to Bowlway and praised how the event continues to grow each year. “I’ve enjoyed watching the community support this event each year,” he said. “It’s good to see all the collaboration that goes into making this a success. It’s good for the bowlers, the owners, and the community.”

Team Bowlway was led by Dan Martin with a 674 series, Wayne Curley 663, Sean Hargadon 632, John Golden 598, and Mark Toppel 515. The team finished with 3,082 total pins for a team for a 205.4 average. Total pins for the two weeks: 6,006.

Team Elgin was led by Drew Perly with a 712 series, Dan Svehla 616, Steve Mundt 621, Daryl Rucki Jr. 556, and John Mundt 524. The team finished with 3,029 total pins for a team average of 201.9. Total pins for two weeks 5,955.

BOX SCORE – Week 2
Bowlway  1032   1029   1021 = 3,082  (Week 1: 2,924. Total pins: 6,006)
Elgin        1028    942    1059 = 3,029  (Week 2: 2,926. Total pins: 5,955)

Bowlway: Dan Martin (Elgin) 674, Wayne Curley (Elgin) 663, Sean Hargadon (Elgin) 632, John Golden (Elgin) 598, and Mark Toppel (Elgin) 515.

Elgin: Drew Perly (Elgin) 712, Dan Svehla (Schaumburg) 616, Steve Mundt (Elgin) 621, Daryl Rucki Jr. (Elgin) 556, and John Mundt (Elgin) 524.

Team Elgin led 5-2 points after the first week of competition.
Game one: Team Elgin leads Bowlway 5-4 in points.
Game two: Team Bowlway leads Team Elgin 6-5.
Game three: Team Elgin leads Team Bowlway 7-6.
Series totals: Team Bowlway ties Team Elgin 7-7.

Team Bowlway lead in total pins by 51 pins – Wins Elgin Cross-Town Classic III.

Elgin Lanes Takes Early Lead Over Bowlway

The third year of  the Elgin Cross-Town Classic began with a series of matches that could be best described as nail-biters. Each game went down to the 10th frame. Bowlway Lanes hosted the first week of the tournament and was going for a three-peat along with keeping its home winning streak alive. Bowlway had never lost a home match since the tournament began.

Historically, Bowlway Lanes plays tough and scoring can be low, and this year was no exception. Both teams seemed to sputter from the start in the first game. The lane conditions were real tight and bowlers had to play straighter to reach the pocket. Spares were a premium in this match. Bowlway was led by Dan Martin with a 205. Nobody on the Elgin squad shot average, but they did make their spares, which was the difference in the game in the later frames, and Elgin edged out Bowlway by 7 pins.

By the second game the shot opened up and strikes came fast and were plentiful.  Elgin Lanes had the lead throughout the match, but a split in the 10th frame by Dan Svehla opened the door for Bowlway to win. Leading Elgin Lanes was Drew Perly with 235 and Svehla with 232. Bowlway posted a solid 1074 score led by Dan Martin’s 246 and Sean Hargadon’s 226. Bowlway won the match by 21 pins.

In the final match, the shot seemed to close down again and strikes were less common. Missed spares by Bowlway Lanes throughout the game and in the final frames created an opportunity for Dan Svehla to fire two strikes in the tenth frame to win the game and take total series for the three matches. Elgin won the last match by 16 pins.

“The lanes were playing a bit strange today,” said Elgin Lanes Manager Lex Perly. “But our guys adapted well and worked through it.”

Elgin Lanes took a 5-2 match-point lead and a total pin lead of 2 pins heading into this week’s contest on their home turf.  Two points is awarded for each team win. One point is awarded to the team that knocks down the most pins for total series. If the two teams tie at the end of the two week event, total pins will be used to determine the winner. 

“I have to be honest, I would rather bowl myself than watch bowling,” said Ken, a spectator in the front row, who saw all the action up close. “But this was real exciting. Every game went down to the ninth and tenth frames.”

Team Bowlway was led by Dan Martin with a 664 series, Mark Toppel (589), Sean Hargadon (583), John Golden (557) and Wayne Curley (531). The team finished with 2,924 total pins for a team average of 194.9.

Team Elgin was led by Drew Perly with a 646 series, Dan Svehla (619), John Mundt (562), Daryl Rucki Jr. (555), and Steve Mundt (544). The team finished with 2,926 total pins for a team average of 195. 

The Elgin Cross-Town Classic III continues this week at Elgin Lanes on Saturday, March 14, starting at 12 noon. The team that wins the most match-game points over the two week’s
competition will be declared Elgin’s Match Game Champions and will personally receive the Mayor’s Cup from Elgin Mayor Dave Kaptain. 

Team Elgin               914        1053       959  = 2,926
Team Bowlway        907        1074       943  = 2,924

Elgin: Drew Perly (Elgin) 646, Dan Svehla (Schaumburg) 619, John Mundt (Elgin) 562, Daryl Rucki Jr. (Elgin) 555, and Steve Mundt (Elgin) 544.

Bowlway: Dan Martin (Elgin) 664, Mark Toppel (Elgin) 589, Sean Hargadon (Elgin) 583, John Golden (Elgin) 557, Wayne Curley (Elgin) 531

Game one: Team Elgin leads Bowlway 2-. in points.
Game two: Team Elgin and Team Bowlway are tied 2-2.
Game three: Team Elgin leads Team Bowlway 4-2.
Series totals: Team Elgin leads Team Bowlway 5-2.

Team Elgin leads in total pins by 2.